At the center of your being you have the answer; 

you know who you are and you know what you want.

– Lao Tzu

Personal Mastery

The barrier between our protective self and our prosperous self are the conclusions we have come to about our capacity, our worthiness, and our inherent value to others. These conclusions are maintained by our unconscious minds for the purpose of avoiding pain and discomfort. They determine the possibilities we are willing to consider and the actions we are willing to take. 


When we examine the beliefs that disempower us and create new beliefs that align with our prosperous self, we create the space for new possibilities to emerge. It is like pulling weeds out of the garden that choke out our growth. When the weeds are gone, the energy that has been feeding the weeds, will now feed our growth.


Personal Mastery focuses on developing mindset and skill sets commonly referred to as emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and communication skills. 

Self Awareness

The ability to recognize how and when we get hooked by our emotions and examining the beliefs that keep us hooked.

Getting to know our strengths, values and our personal mission.

Self Regulation

The ability to respond intentionally rather than impulsively when we get hooked.

Establishing self-care habits and routines that create and maintain space for our growth.


Recognizing that we are all in this together. While our stories may be different, we all experience the same painful and joyful emotions. By connecting to one another through these shared experiences, we become compassionate and forgiving.

Communication Skills

Communication is how we connect to one another to give and receive support. When our protective self is running the show, our communication tends to be defensive and pushes others away (sometimes intentionally, other times unconsciously). When our prosperous self is running the show, we are able to connect with others openly and create rewarding relationships.  

Reduce or Eliminate:


Overwhelm and Over thinking

Anger, irritability and defensiveness

Inability to focus on tasks or learn new information

Difficulty in making decisions

Chronic pain and frequent illnesses

Lack of interest in appearance 

Inability to feel joy and gratitude

Unhealthy relationships

Creating Space for more:


Confidence in core strengths

Clarity about your purpose and how to bring it to life

Compassion for self and others

Mutually supportive relationships

Making a positive impact on others

We ALL have the capacity to connect with our prosperous selves today.

What will you create when you connect with your prosperous self? 


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