Leadership is unlocking people's potential

to become better.

--Bill Bradley

Leadership Mastery

Leading from a foundation of personal mastery means that you have the have the emotional intelligence skills to be aware of yourself, regulate your responses, empathize with others and communicate openly and freely.


Because you have a clear vision for yourself, you can facilitate the development of a clear vision with your team.


Because you know what it means to recognize your own emotional hooks, you can recognize it in others without judgment and you have the communication skills to share expectations and feedback openly.


In addition to applying the emotional intelligence skills to the leadership role, I also support leaders as they engage in the three responsibilities of a leader:


1. Creating a compelling vision


2. Greeting the conditions for an innovative culture where all members are expected to continuously learn and grow.


3. Establishing technical systems that maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

This service is for anyone who is responsible for influencing others. Perhaps you are a manager, a teacher, a team leader, or work in another role that requires you to influence others to be their best. 


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