The people who achieve extraordinary results don't achieve the by working more hours. They achieve them by getting more done in the hours they work. 

--Gary Keller

Business Mastery

Is your business a manifestation of your mission to contribute to your family or your community? Just as in leadership, business mastery requires a foundation in the emotional intelligence mindset skills. Without the ability to recognize and respond appropriately to your thoughts and emotions, the dream of owning your own business that improves the lives of others will continuously run into roadblocks.

Even with the personal mastery mindset foundation in place, you’ll need the technical support of systems to manage your business development priorities. I will teach you to set up systems for understanding what your net income needs are, how to generate the leads to meet these needs, budget expenses and, when the time is right, how to hire to maximize your business growth. 

This is for small business operators who want to:
•   Gain clarity on business goals
•   Establish
key priorities and strategies to create a systemic and systematic path to goal achievement
Maintain focus on key priorities and strategies in your weekly and daily calendar
•   Establish
profitable financial systems
•   Hire and train staff  


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