If we did the things we are capable of doing

we would literally astound ourselves.

—Thomas Edison

If you amplified your potential today,
what might be possible for you tomorrow?

What could you accomplish if you were confident and grounded in your strengths? How would your relationships improve? What impact would you have on the lives of others?


We live with two selves, the protective self who has learned from experience what is and is not possible for us, and the prosperity self who aspires to flourish and thrive. 


We can feel this prosperous self deep inside of us, even if we cannot articulate it yet. This self has clarity of purpose, confidence in our strengths and the courage to break free of limitations.


At Ziba Coaching, we are committed to supporting individuals and organizations who are ready to astound themselves today and every day.


Personal Mastery

Personal mastery focuses on developing the emotional intelligence skills of self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and communication skills.

Leadership Mastery


Leadership Mastery builds on the foundations of emotional intelligence skills and applies them to creating innovative cultures where team members thrive and organizational outcomes are improved.


Business Mastery

Business mastery also builds on the foundations of emotional intelligence and applies them to building profitable business that aligns with your personal mission.  


Courage  ~   Compassion  ~  Curiosity

Personal mastery requires us to make 3 commitments to ourselves:

courage to accept 100% responsibility for the quality of our lives,

compassion to forgive ourselves and others as we learn and grow, and playful curiosity to break out of our self-imposed limitations.

Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross

Meet Mary

Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross is a unique blend of insatiable researcher, compassionate educator, and a relatable coach with just enough eccentric wit to keep it fresh. She has a way of seeing old stories in a new light so that new possibilities can emerge.


She has a bachelor’s degree in education, a master’s degree in counseling and a doctorate in educational leadership. She is a professional certified coach and has participated in extensive trainings designed to tap into the unconscious mind. Through these tools and processes, clients can let go of old, limiting patterns and re-create new patterns that align with the highest versions of themselves. 


Through her research, training, and coaching, she encourages and supports others as they step into and own their greatness so that they stand solid in their power, enjoy vibrant and satisfying relationships and make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.


Coach Mary has been fantastic. Keeping me on track and holding me accountable all along the way. I haven’t made things easy with my mind constantly changing, but the numbers are there and goals are being met.


~K. Clayton



1626 N Wood St., Chicago, IL 60622 Mary@ZibaCoaching.com  |  Tel: 312-206-9089

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